Second Chance Christian Academy



The Second Chance Christian Academy, Inc. established for the purpose of helping the less fortunate to achieve quality education, is an initiative of Mr. Benedict P. Bainda of the Omega Community.  After carefully observing and evaluating the educational situation within the Whien Town Community, Mr. Bainda thought it wise to share with others, the enormous blessings acquired from God Almighty, through the establishment of this school.  He immediately called upon his boss and brother, Rev. Emmanuel J. Giddings to seek advice on the establishment of a school, and the result of those consultations has resulted in the creation of the Second Chance Christian Academy, Inc. hereafter referred to as SCCA.

The SCCA is a school that believes in the Lordship and teachings of Jesus Christ and holds onto him as its foundation and guardian in all of its endeavors.  Located in the Omega Old Field Community, Paynesville-Montserrado County, Liberia, this school strongly supports the building of standard institutions and students that are well equipped and prepared to face the challenges of the world today.  All students of SCCA are challenged to strive for academic excellence.


The mission of The Second Chance Christian Academy, Inc. is to provide less fortunate parents of the community and society at large the opportunity whereby their children will have easy access to quality education at a low and affordable cost.


The provision of quality education for every Liberian child.

Core Values

 Diversity
 Faith
 Academic Excellence
 Integrity
 Liberty


The Second Chance Christian Academy, Inc. believes and values the diversities that exist amongst all people, taking into account ideas, opinions, aspirations, ideals, beliefs, cultures and perspectives of everyone.


The Second Chance Christian Academy, Inc. is a distinctly Christian institution of learning that believes in the Holy Bible, Trinity (God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit) and Jesus Christ as its mantle and faith.


We seek knowledge and understanding through opened, energetic and creative freedom. We strongly support academic excellence and programs within and across every fabric of the activities of the school.


The Second Chance Christian Academy, Inc.,  values integrity. Integrity according to Rev. Giddings is “what you are when no one is looking.”  This value must be inherent in all of our endeavors at SCCA at all time, and is expected to be exhibited among students and school administration and staff as well.


We value the right of every human being to maximize his/her potential, enjoy freedom and respect. The principles of religious, economic, social, intellectual, and political freedom are the ideals that we cherish, and we seek to uphold and strengthen these principles at SCCA.

The staff

The staff of the Second Chance Christian Academy is a group of interrelated individuals who see the need to improve the “MESSY” educational system of Liberia. At present, the school has in its employ a total of Thirty Three (33) qualified Liberians who are moving the dream of the Proprietor in enhancing and advancing the status of the Liberian children.

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